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Numerous reports and experts (Jim Aloisi, David D’Alessandro, Rick Dimino of A Better City, etc.) have studied the situation with the T and the one thing they all agree on is the need for a funding formula that works along with taking the BIG DIG debt off the MBTA’s books.

Former John Hancock president and CEO David D’Alessandro said in a 2009 review of the MBTA that, “There is no question that the MBTA is an expensive and complex system. It requires large expenditures just to continue operating. Any thought that these problems can be addressed primarily through expense reductions is misguided.”

He, like virtually every close observer of the T, maintains that a substantial investment in the agency is critical. And he’s deeply critical of a Legislature that, he said, has failed to confront that reality, and that instead points fingers at an MBTA whose wages, fares, and so-called “cost-per-mile” expenditures are in line with other big transit systems around the country.

All that said, we reject efforts to scapegoat T workers for the long-term problems and under investment in the MBTA, including the lack of a sustainable funding formula and the removal of the BIG DIG DEBT from the T’s books. Those are the issues that need to be addressed.


Let’s make the oldest public transportation system in the nation into the best transportation system in the nation

Fix The T Fix The T
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